"Bringing Learning to the Learner"  





Q.   How can online training possibly save up to 75% of my current training costs?

A.   It depends partly how much you spend on travel and per diems related to training. The US military were spending 75% of their training budget on bringing people to learning providers. Online training wiped most of that out at a stroke. Companies pay a lot to bring sales forces together for new product information or other training. You will save a lot on expenses if the training is brought to the sales force instead.

Another high cost item can be replacement costs for those sent on training. With online training, your people can learn any time and any where, so scheduling them off work just isn't an issue.

In addition, expensive outside training providers can be replaced by just as good online learning that can train any number of employees at any time. This can be a lot cheaper, even if you have to buy copyright from those providers.

Q.   How can online training be better than face-to-face?

A.   First of all, face-to-face teaching rarely allows people to learn at their own pace. This can frustrate those who learn quickly just as much as those who like to take their time.

Secondly, not all face-to-face trainers are gifted, interesting teachers but online training can provide just those qualities through audio and video clips. No boring speakers, no tired, sick or otherwise ailing presenters!

Thirdly, you can have the whole of the Internet as your "library", which is convenient for your trainees and means you can select just the right supplementary material from a very wide range of content.

And, fourthly, if you set up the training well, your people can work interactively with other learners online, which has huge scheduling and time advantages over setting up face-to-face work groups.

Q.   What would happen to our current training material if we change to online training?

A.   If you are happy with the content, this can be used in any online course. If you have audio or video content, that can be used as well. If you are currently using good old black and white text, you might be surprised at how new and interesting we can make it in a new online course! Your content can also be enhanced by some excellent information sources that are available free on the Internet.

Q.   I have heard that developing online courses is a big upfront cost but my training budget is not geared that way. How can you help me?

A.   We have flexible pricing arrangements that allow you to pay low or no upfront costs. Your payments can be as customized to your needs as the courses we can create for you. Overall, when you work the numbers, we think you will be amazed at your savings, while delivering top quality learning programs!

Q.   Does it have to be all or nothing?

A.   Not at all! You can choose to put some or all of your training online. You can also choose to offer some training in a blend of online and face-to-face. We can help you with that kind of analysis.



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