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 Cost Benefits





Computer-based training that uses the Internet or Intranets can train any number of employees, at any time, and in any place. This makes your training program more cost-effective and efficient:

  • No more expensive travel costs
  • Less staff time wasted in travel
  • Reduced human resource personnel costs
  • Instant and less costly updates
  • Immediate availability
  • Self-paced learning and increased confidence
  • Instructional quality consistency
  • Instant feedback and automatic record keeping

E-learning provides just-in-time training.

In today's fast-paced world, the need for specific employee skills and knowledge can change in a second and training has to be equally responsive:

  • Product knowledge training is a prime example of the need to adapt training on a constant basis.
  • Sudden changes in company policy required by conditions in the marketplace often require changes in employee training
  • Sudden expansion may require fast training for large numbers of new employees
  • Company re-structuring can also require re-training in a hurry

Online courses can be adapted in a much shorter time scale and much less expensively than conventional training and provide a greater degree of consistency among locations.


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