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The Features

Online learning is both mass and one-on-one communication, simultaneously!

It is very flexible, especially in terms of:

  • Audience - very large groups or just one person can learn
  • Space - learners can be anywhere that has an Internet/Intranet access point
  • Interaction - learners can interact with one another as well as the learning package
  • Timing - groups can learn at the same time or individually at any time
  • Learning Styles - a mix of text, graphics, audio or video can accommodate different styles
  • Bandwidth - courses can be tailored to available bandwidth
  • Feedback - course management systems can provide instant feedback to student and trainer


  • provide fast and ongoing feedback to employees on their performance
  • Improve your knowledge of employee training performance through automatic tracking of what your employees are learning, what they have learned, and how well they did
  • make use of the feedback facility to advance staff through training at accelerated speeds



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