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Our Services

In the current business environment the integration of the knowledge systems within the company is key. Information required by employees and demanded by the customers is often identical. E-learning is the best way to deliver to both.

There is no doubt that having well-trained staff is one of the best ways to improve your bottom line. Studies have also proved that good training increases job satisfaction. The challange is to provide quality training at the lowest cost.

If you are a professional body, you can take control of your certification process and increase your revenue flow while providing better, more convenient, and more consistent training services to your membership.

Digital Distance offers a range of e-learning services to our clients:

Let us help you solve your training problems:
  • you need to reduce costs without reducing amount and quality of training
  • you need to reduce time and money spent on travel to training venues
  • you can't easily spare essential staff for training
  • you can't find or afford replacement staff to fill in while staff train
  • you are constantly training new staff
  • you need to make your training more effective
  • you need to update your training on a constant basis



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