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Customized Learning Packages :

The experts at Digital Distance design courses in a variety of applied areas, including all aspects of business operations, learning skills development, personal and professional development and technical skills development. These courses employ a variety of web technologies and are designed to engage the learner actively in the process.

We can design training packages for whatever your employees need including: product knowledge, company policy and procedures, customer service, sales techniques, professional updating, new technology skills.

We offer :

  • adaptation of your current training materials or educational courses
  • design of new training or learning materials
  • a mixture of adapted and new materials
  • new product lines/services development and
  • training technology
Typical courses elements can include:
  • study advice, course map, glossary, pre-test, post-test
  • study objectives, main teaching points, online links, examples, case studies & practical applications, self-assesment and feed back, online discussion
  • use of text, graphics, audio and/or, where appropriate, video
  • clear course navigation, opportunities for review

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